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Lenzyme Fundraising & Business Promotion Advantages

We’ve all seen the need for fundraising increase over the years. But the normal fundraising products are not the value they use to be. It’s time for a change, discover the advantages and excellent value of our fundraising products. Every business is looking for inexpensive ways to promote their business and services. How about a way to advertise your business, generate goodwill and word-of-mouth advertising, and do this with no money out of your pocket. Check out our advantages and see how we can help you promote your business for FREE.

Plus it makes the selling process easier for you! This results in more sales and more money for your organization or business. We are known for the best private labeled products in the wastewater industry, and now that same high quality labeling is available for fundraising and other business promotions. We make it simple for you to get the value of private labeling without having to order 100’s of cases at a time. Can you believe we will do FREE Custom Private Labeling for your organization or your business for as little as only 1 case. That is a GREAT Value! Check out some of the custom private labeling we have done over the years.

Now let’s look at it from a fundraising organizations point: They recruit a local realtor to advertise on their fundraising products for a small charge. They get the products from us with that realtor's advertising on the products. They have just added more money to their organization by charging a local business for advertising. The local business receives great advertising for a very low cost, and the fundraising organization receives more money with no extra cost or effort.

Advantage three: All of our products are great for building repeat business. Our products and promotions work for you whether you are a business looking to build repeat sales and customer retention, or a fundraising organization looking to have a steady income. A continual revenue source is the secret to a successful enterprise. Here is one example of this repeat sales idea. Our organic fertilizer is sold by many FFA ( Future Farmers of America ) organizations across the country as a continuous fundraiser. They recruit a volunteer (usually a freshman every 4 years) to be their main contact for repeat sales of the private labeled organic fertilizer. Their private label uses the recruit’s contact information and when a customer needs more product, they contact the recruit to arrange a delivery or pickup. What a simple process, and it results in more money going into the organization’s cash register on a continuous basis. Of course all of our products can also be used for one-time fundraising or business promotion events.

Advantage one: We specialize in private labeling our products so that you are promoting your business or your organization. Our high quality printing and custom designs allow you to have great pride in the products you sell.

Advantage two: Because we private label the products, it opens up many avenues to partner local businesses with local fundraising needs. Let us give you an example of how this works. A local realtor wants to advertise her business without any costs out of her pocket. She partners up with the local youth football team to provide them with a great valued product their organization can sell to generate income for their fundraising needs. She gets the products from us with her advertising on the labels. She then delivers the products to the local youth football team and charges them exactly what she was charged. She gets “” because she has passed on her cost. The youth football team makes their money when they sell the products during their fundraising efforts.
Advantage four: Our products can be used in every household in America. They are flexible in that they can be designed into any type of fundraiser and can be sold by any type of organization with fundraising needs. They can be sold by volunteers presenting them to family and friends. Or they can be sold on store shelves such as school stores, botanical garden gift shops, organic stores, and local business displays. Our products are a great value and can be used to promote any kind of business such as Realtors, Insurance agents, Car Dealers, Organic retailers and Organic farmers, and many more.